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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Operation Christmas Child & the Greatest Gift

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16
Yes . . . you did read “Christmas” in the title. As far as I’m concerned the Christmas season begins as soon as the pumpkins are put away. And, the first thing on my Christmas “to do” list is Operation Christmas Child. We started this tradition last year when Alexa was eight months old. I couldn’t wait to stuff boxes with her again. It was so sweet when Alexa and I put the lid on our stuffed boxes, we held hands and prayed for the two little girls who would receive these boxes. We prayed they would enjoy their gifts but ultimately come to know Jesus as their greatest gift and share Him with their family & friends.
Flashback – Lil’ Alexa helping Mommy stuff boxes last year.

This year, Alexa Hope relinquishing the suckers. This was difficult for her to do.

Operation Christmas Child distributes shoe boxes filled with gifts to children (ages 2-14) all across the world (130 nations to be exact). OCC provides a way for these children to experience Christmas in a way they never would by giving them a shoe box filled with toys, toiletries, candy and educational materials. The end goal is that these children will be introduced to the greatest gift of all – Jesus Christ.

Once the children receive their box, they are invited to participate in a 12-lesson Bible study and discipleship program called The Greatest Journey. If they complete the course, they receive a personalized certificate and New Testament in their language. I read several testimonies of children who received Christ after completing the course. As one gal from Latvia said, “Thank you, dear God, that you love us and that you sent your love through the people who gave these gifts. . . .Thank you for the best gift—Jesus Christ.”

Isn’t that beautiful? Something as simple as toothpaste, coloring books and candy can illustrate the love of Christ to those who need Him. So, I challenge you to also fill a box that would not only bring a smile to a child’s face but also bring the hope of Christ into their lives. It’s one of the few gifts we give each year I believe really makes a difference.

There’s still time!
--For more info check out:
--When you print your label online, you can actually track your package and see where it ends up.
--National Collection Week is November 14-21
--Please pray – OCC will reach their goal of distributing 8.5 million shoe boxes to children around the globe. Children will accept Christ and share Him with their friends & families.

This is how it starts. Testing to see if we can get everything in the box. Our boxes are going to two girls ages 2-4.

Alexa always feels it is important to test out the gifts. Here she is trying to put a bracelet over her head. It was more challenging this year for her to understand why she needed to give these gifts away – especially the candy.

Keep stuffing, sweet girl!
She was ready to close the lid but we still had a few more items to get in there.

Hooray!! Packed and ready to go. Merry Christmas sweet girls – we love you!! And more importantly, Jesus loves you more than you could ever imagine!!

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