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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Little Princess!

Alexa Hope checking out the surroundings at our church’s Fall Festival this evening. Unfortunately, the pics aren’t spectacular since Mommy took Alexa by herself and was having difficulty keeping track of her little princess and the camera. Daddy was in night class earning his degree. Just so you know, the costume was given to us by one of my sister’s friends. We are so grateful for “gratis” costumes.

A close-up of our little girl. We prayed in the car on the way to Fall Festival that Alexa would wear her hat so Ama/Opa, Great Gram Graf, Mimi/Pop, and her cousins could see the costume. She didn’t bat an eye when I tied it around her neck. Thank you Lord!

Alexa didn’t know what to do about taking candy from the bins at the trunk or treat. I think her spoils for the evening included three suckers and a tootsie roll. I was like – seriously!? I did get some cotton candy for myself. I didn’t wear an orange shirt for nothing (something a true Sooner finds great difficulty doing)! I hope we have better luck with the candy next year (at least for Mommy and Daddy’s sake).

Alexa LOVED jumping on the inflatables (This is what she’d prefer to do on our furniture as well). Here she is checking out the tunnel. She would’ve stayed on this toy all night had I not convinced her to ride a pony and go down a big slide. We returned 3x. This girl is all about bouncing!

Alexa in action. Jump, lil’ princess, jump!

Alexa riding her miniature pony – Little Britches. She wouldn’t stop smiling.

After her pony ride, we had to get right back in line because she enjoyed it so much. Here she is on her 2nd ride telling a gentleman the sound a pony makes. Ama, you would’ve been so proud of how well your granddaughter rode her pony – like a pro!!

I wanted to add a few random pics of my favorite home in Norman on Halloween. I decided to take Alexa to this house today because she LOVES to drive by it and see the “pocanuts” (her term for pumpkins – don’t ask us how she came up with it). So, we stopped at the house today and knocked on the door to see if we could grab some pics of Alexa with the “pocanuts.” Miss Kathy was so kind and let us play there as long as Alexa wanted to stay. This house looks so neat and all the pumpkins are lit at night. You’ve gotta check it out if you live in Norman.

I love this home in the fall located on Peters between Main & Robinson.

Pictures don’t do justice to how many pumpkins are on display. All full of character.

Alexa honking the nose of one of the “pocanuts.”

She enjoyed drumming on the extra large “pocanut” under the wagon.

Her favorite “pocanut” was the one that said, “Eeeeeeek!!” We would say “Eeeeeek” every time she’d walk up to it. We were quite the pair.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, what a doll! She looks adorable!
    And, we are thankful for "gratis" costumes. Thank you for our little lion.