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Monday, October 10, 2011

Fountain Hopping - Sooner Style

Alexa LOVES fountains (all forms of water for that matter). I cannot overstate this fact. When we drive by OU’s campus (practically once a day), she says, “OU . . . fountain” (and occasionally she adds, “Daddy . . . work”). Most typically though, the word “OU” is first followed by “fountain.”
The University of Oklahoma is known for its many beautiful fountains, and we are trying to visit each one before it gets too chilly. Why? Because visiting a fountain requires removing socks/shoes, splashing and getting pretty wet. We have not accomplished our task yet but here’s a rundown from two visits. Unfortunately, I take Alexa to campus quite often by myself and without a camera, so I guess we have visited more than I expected. They just haven’t been documented . . . yet.
Intrigued by the lights under the water at Daddy’s favorite fountain – the several mini fountains outside Bizzell Library. The sound of the fountains is so peaceful, and it’s beautiful at night.

It wouldn’t be an official trip to a fountain if Alexa didn’t get some part of her body wet.

Alexa is all business at the fountain outside Ellison Hall, the College of Arts of Sciences. I think we totally annoyed a young man studying next to this fountain.

We’ve only started and Alexa is already spotted. Daddy had to keep pulling up her jeans as the weight from the water caused them to sag. She doesn’t seem to mind.

The newest fountain on campus at the Zarrow Building for Social Work.

We don’t understand why but she enjoyed wiping her face with the water.

Lil’ A tours the perimeter of a fountain. It’s standard operating procedure.


Checking out one of the largest fountains on campus located on the South Oval.

I have no idea why she likes to rub the water on her face. You can tell by the look on Mommy’s face, I’m a bit concerned by this behavior – mostly the germs.

Let the kicking begin!!

We let Alexa get her sandals wet in this fountain located just outside Oklahoma Memorial Union.

Alexa with her supporting cast – literally! This fountain has a shrub surrounding it so it does take a grown-up to assist in getting wet.

I believe this fountain located in front of the Michael F. Price College of Business is Alexa’s favorite. We frequent it more often than any other . . . could it be because it is located closest to Daddy’s office? Or could it be because it stands in front of the building from which Daddy has earned and is currently working toward another degree? Hmmmm . . . maybe I should see if Gaylord College of Journalism & Mass Communication has any fountains. Mommy needs to represent.

Keep splashing sweet girl. These are the kinds of waves we don’t mind you making.


  1. hooray for fountain jumping! we should take our girls together some time!

  2. I'd love that . . . just name the time :)