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Friday, December 17, 2010

Peek-a-boo . . . Where’s the nine-month-old!

On Monday, Dec. 13th, we celebrated nine months of MIss Alexa Hope. She is currently 16 lbs 2 oz (8%), 27” long (29%), and her head is 16 1/2” in circumference (4%). Indeed, she is our sweet “little” girl. Although she is very petite – especially by the Kennedy/Scoggins standard – the doc is pleased with her growth and she is well within the normal range for a nine-month-old.
Every month, she continues to get more and more fun. Her little personality is definitely blooming. She is a very busy bee and loves to crawl anywhere and pull up on anything. Sometimes, I think she is too curious for her own good but I think she has her Daddy’s inquisitive mind and she loves to discover.
The greatest breakthrough this month (at least for Mommy) is that Alexa is now sleeping through the night and taking naps all by herself!! Mommy will never forget that moment on Tuesday, Nov. 16th (that was a really rough night). Alexa now naps about 3 hrs a day and sleeps anywhere from 10 1/2 – 12 hrs at night. We just think Alexa realized how amazing sleep really is . . . and she gets to play with her four pacifiers as well – so it’s a good gig. It’s been SO wonderful for the Kennedy family!! Thank you for your many prayers concerning this matter. The Lord answered.
Other fun 9-mos-old “Alexa” facts - --She loves Christmas music (just like her Mommy). When we play it, she smiles & will gravitate to wherever the sound is coming from and sway back and forth.
--She has loved playing with her Fisher Price nativity set. She is especially endeared to the donkey and camel.
--She has a blast rocking forward and backward while holding onto a table, her high chair or Mommy or Daddy.
--She continues to increase her “blabber” vocabulary with new, interesting sounds.
--She will reach out and point to anything she wants to hold or touch.
--She loves watching the washer/dryer in action.
--She enjoys playing peek-a-boo and being chased down the hallway.
--She is often found crawling under the kitchen table or chairs.
--We just got a 20x20 canvas of her and she gets so excited to see her face. She literally goes crazy.
--Just opening the front door makes her kick with delight – the girl loves “the wilderness” (that means “the outdoors” for those of you who don’t know me very well).
--She’s graduated to Stage 2 foods but still refuses oatmeal/rice cereal.
--If she can hit it, take it apart, pull it over, pull it out – it’s fair game.

Alexa in action . . .

IMG_6362All snuggled up for a walk outdoors.

IMG_6354Alexa in her star pajamas (they were originally Rylen’s). She is covered by the coordinating star blanket that Rylen still loves.

IMG_6346 All excited to be with Mimi & Pop.

IMG_6312 The family’s all ready for the big OU vs. OSU bedlam game.

IMG_6287 Let’s Go Sooners! (Ironically, it’s the title of her current favorite book).

IMG_6254 Checking out a Thanksgiving Day card from Ama & Opa.

IMG_6256 Tasting the Thanksgiving Day card from Ama & Opa.

IMG_6358 Mesmerized by the lights on the Christmas wreath we put outside above our garage.

IMG_6374Alexa thought she might make a good package.

IMG_6402  Alexa is fascinated by her reflection. Notice how she crawled under the highchair.

IMG_6271This time, she decided to crawl over the bar and got stuck. 

IMG_6404 Just thought this was a sweet profile pic – goodness, to have posture like that!?

The many expressions of Alexa Hope . . .


  1. cute as a button, love these pics!

  2. These pictures are great! She is so cute! Such big brown eyes!