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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Day at the Park

It’s hard to believe less than a week ago, I was still taking Alexa to the park and on stroller rides without a jacket. It’s been an usually warm fall and we’re so thankful. The weekend of my birthday, we took Alexa to First Baptist Church’s new playground for a bit of frolicking. It was a gorgeous day and Alexa seemed to enjoy playing like “the big kids.”
The 1st time Alexa has experienced the thrill of swinging. She loved going high. She looks like she fits into the swing pretty well from this perspective but take a look from the side.
My mom thought it was mean of us to put Alexa in the swing but she didn’t seem to mind almost slipping through the holes.

Swing me again, Daddy!

Going down the slide!

Peek-a-boo . . . I see you!

Look . . . I got Mommy’s nose!

Playing peek-a-boo with Alexa through a little hole.

Hmmmm . . . now that’s interesting!

I see a pretty girl in the mirror!

Hard to believe Alexa’s hand will be that size someday.

The playground is so much fun :)

I can’t wait to go to “the big kids” side when I grow up.

Alexa found the leaves fascinating.
Despite all the exciting things Alexa could do at the playground, she ended up crawling to her diaper bag and playing with it. We’re grateful it provides her with hours of excitement.

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