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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Heading south

I don't have anything pithy or inspirational to offer you. Just a post to let you know we are trekking down an all-too-familiar road to an all-too-familiar destination. As protocol for my PET scan tomorrow, I am digesting my high protein, no carb diet of McDonald's salad. Mmmmmmm, can it get any better? I always dread the day before a PET - no carbs and no eating for six hours before the procedure (sad face). Then, I dread afterwards - no hugging Alexa for at least 12 hours (even more sad face) but I can drown my sorrows in bread!!

To be entirely accurate though, we are driving to Dallas this evening and will head to MDA tomorrow morning. We plan to arrive just in time for my scans . . . no need to get there any earlier than needed. This is, after all, the city I stuck my tongue out to on the plane as we connected there on our way home from CA in late February. I know . . . I am ├╝ber mature! But, I see no need to be rose-colored. I still don't like going to Houston. I don't enjoy packing, leaving home, leaving routine and feeling like a lab rat. I don't know if anyone would. However, I digress. Just a bit melancholy, as I tend to be the night before D-day. As a gal asked me the other day, "Are you in remission?" I replied, "Unfortunately, no." For me, this trip is just a reminder the disease in my body has not been stopped. And yes, since the last visit - especially when my right calf started hurting - I have been holding my breath.

As always, we would deeply covet your prayers as I face more scans and news of how I am doing and what is next. Many of you have told me you are praying expectantly for ONLY good news, for our God to show up in ways only He can - BIG ways - for complete & total healing. This has been and will continue to be our prayer as well. I will post this weekend with more thoughts and PRs when I have a bit more spunk. Also look for a post of A's birthday party with oodles of pics. That is where I have been investing my time & energy.


1:00pm - Check-in for PET scan
1:30pm - PET scan injection (where I have to lay still & hang out in isolation for over an hour)
3:00pm - PET scan & CT scan of chest (w/wo contrast)
-- I spoke with an MDA tech today and he is going to take the CT scan of my chest right before the PET. (It was originally scheduled for 6pm Friday evening, so this is a HUGE blessing because I cannot eat for either procedure. I would have had to fast for 11 hours. I know, it is ridiculous how much I enjoy food!) So, I will also be doing the CT scan of my chest right before the full body PET scan.
3:45pm - Blood work
4:30pm - Denosumab shot (bone-strengthening shot)

WEEKEND - off!! Do fun things with my family!! Rest & play!! Watch March madness!!

9:00am - Dr. Benjamin

Thank you for coming alongside us on this unexpected journey. We are so grateful for your love, encouragement & prayers!!


  1. (((HUGS))) and Prayers from McAlester

  2. Prayers from the OU Visitor Center. :)