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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy (belated) heart day!!

Just wanted to send ya’ll a little update on our lives and the reason why this blog is late. (We’re currently in California for fun NOT cancer.) We also wanted to recap our day o’ luv and send all of our “warriors” lots of luv too!!


We started Valentine’s Day with heart waffles and berries. Mommy would have preferred heart-shaped doughnuts but it isn’t on the cancer-fighting diet.


Then, we enjoyed opening some of our Valentine’s Day cards. One of A’s faves was a “Jake the Never Land Pirate” card where she got to hide several gold doubloons in a treasure chest. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, Miss Kathy!


We enjoyed sending out a few valentine’s day cards of our own. Here’s a sampling. Please don’t be offended if you didn’t receive one. We only sent out a few this year.


Alexa helped Mommy make heart-shaped sugar cookies to take to Daddy and his co-workers at OU. Alexa had to taste her creations before we distributed them. She was so delighted with her perfectly tinted homemade pink icing.


A sweet pic of Mommy’s sweetest valentines.

It was the perfect day to work the heart garb – especially the “blinged” out heart sunglasses. Thank you Auntie Brookelyn!! You always know what an almost four-year-old diva needs.

Alexa enjoyed sharing her Valentine’s Day cookies with Daddy’s co-workers and exclaiming, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” to everyone. I don’t think she minded the attention either. . . . Fast forward to Friday evening. We frantically packed our suitcases and drove (very late) to Dallas to spend the weekend with Mimi & Pop. Then on Sunday morning, we flew to California for a long-anticipated visit with Chris’ parents, grandmother and aunt & uncle. We have wanted to plan a trip in that direction for some time, but we couldn’t make plans until I could make the trip physically and until we knew the direction of my treatment after our last MDA visit. We are learning to live in the moment and take advantage of the good days. So, we are currently in CA enjoying special moments with Chris’ family. I am also enjoying a getaway not requiring a medical wristband. It is a glorious thing, my friends, just glorious!


To say that Alexa enjoys flying is an understatement. She relishes every moment, and I believe she is more familiar with the ins and outs of airports than most adults. However, after two connecting flights, the excitement wore off. She konked out on my lap. Needless to say, I found the view in my lap far more breathtaking than the views from the coveted window seat.


Although Alexa earned her first set of wings at three months of age, she thought it was pretty cool to show-off her latest set. (You can barely see the wings just above her right-hand pocket.) She is also proud of the rainbow colored pencil the sweet flight attendant gifted her.


Alexa giving a shout out to California and loving life with her Ama & Opa.


I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to be a raccoon!? Just one of the many fun things to play with at Ama & Opa’s.

More fun to come from California!!


-- I have felt better physically the last couple of weeks than I have since my diagnosis in April 2013. This is a huge praise. (I am praying and believing the cancer is dying.) I am so, so grateful to feel somewhat normal again because I honestly never thought I would. It is ridiculous what you take for granted (like turning over, sitting without pain, tying your shoes, fixing your daughter’s hair, cutting produce) until you can’t do them anymore. I pray there will be many, many more days ahead of feeling great and enjoying the things I haven’t been able to in almost a year. I reluctantly share this, because it seems when I give a good report, something awful happens next. Please pray this would not be the case and the Lord would guard my heart from fearing the worst when I should be enjoying the moment.

-- Chris and I are both battling colds. Mine is headed the way of a sinus infection, and as of this morning, I felt the sickness moving to my lungs. Please pray for quick healing and that this sickness would not result in another antibiotic and more issues with my lungs. I am praying God would divinely armor my lungs from any infection or fluid (especially cancer).

-- As of last week, I have officially graduated from hand therapy. At my last measurement, my grip strength had increased to 21 lbs. My therapist considers 25lbs of grip strength a functioning hand. I honestly believe my hand will only increase in strength as I continue “real life” hand therapy. However, I do need to continue working on my range-of-motion and flexibility. My right hand gets incredibly stiff these days. At the moment, I can juggle again. I am also thrilled to begin writing again.

-- We continue to ask the Lord to heal the two herniated discs in my T-spine – especially since Dr. B won’t let me do anything to treat them until my next next MDA visit March 28-31. Currently, this is the only consistent pain I face on a daily basis. The pain is in my right ribcage, sternum and shoulder blade.

-- It is late and my brain is foggy. There is more I could share concerning PRs but I believe the big ones are – death to cancer in my body (forever), total healing in the treated areas, disappearance of the suspicious spots in my calf and T6, continued success of the chemo pill with no harmful side effects and continued moment-by-moment dependence on the ONE who can do the impossible. We are trusting Him to do just that!!



  1. I wish you had a layover in Colorado!!

  2. Blessings to you and all of your family Kelsey. Know you will enjoy your time of peace and rest. You are in our prayers daily. Love, Sharl and Doug aylor