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Friday, January 31, 2014

Dr. B update

I am so sorry I didn’t update the blog sooner. After my appointment with Dr. Benjamin yesterday, we headed to our “home away from home” to pack and leave Houston. We arrived in Dallas last night at 11pm. I am still processing everything I heard yesterday, so I plan on sharing more specifics, my thoughts and prayer requests in another post.

For now, here’s the extent of my appointment. . .

My PET scan showed nothing remarkable. However, there are two small spots – one on my right calf and one on my T6 vertebrae. The spots are so small, Dr. B is unsure what the spots are, but he wants to keep an eye on them.

According to the CT scan of my chest, he believed my lungs looked better than they had in November. He is pleased with my blood work and believes my body is handling the Votrient (the chemo pill) well. He wants me to continue on the full dosage.

Long story short, Dr. Benjamin said I was doing better than he expected and that he wanted to see me again in two months for a follow-up PET scan and CT scan of my chest.

Aside from a miraculous healing, this is good news. However, I know all too well we are not out of the woods (as much as I had hoped and prayed), so “warriors” please stay tuned for how we can be petitioning the throne for big things in the days, weeks and months to come. I have already felt the Enemy attacking and trying to steal the joy of this news with thoughts of fears and discouragement. There is nothing I would love more than to continue exceeding Dr. B’s expectations with the only explanation – “My God is BIGGER than this disease and we have an army of ‘warriors’ believing He will do BIG things.”

Thank you for your continued prayers for my complete healing.


  1. Great news! Will continue to pray!

  2. Dearest Kelsey: Thank God for the good news. We must not let the enemy win!!!!!! Will keep the prayers flowing. Love you. Sharl and Doug Taylor

  3. Praise the Lord for that huge encouragement. So glad they think the pain might be disc issues. I can encourage you there! Physical therapy helped me so much. I have actually done it twice, here and in Houston years ago. It might give you the exercise you want with the stamp of approval of a PT. Of course you have Holly, but you may want someone outside the fam!!!