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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Do you believe in magic?

You’ll find this hard to believe (mainly because I’ve kept it under wraps for so long – even Alexa doesn’t know), but by the time you read this, we’ll be boarding an airplane to spend the week at Disney World with my family!! This was definitely not on our December agenda, but my Mom’s sales representatives, senior management and several of her co-workers joined together to “sponsor” a trip to Disney World for my family.

Thank you Balfour!! I mean, isn’t that a kick!? We were totally humbled by their generosity . . . blown away, overwhelmed, stunned. There truly aren’t words for a gift as generous as this. I think we all cried when we heard the news. I still can’t wrap my mind around such a gift. We are so, so grateful.

You see, one of the vacations we planned and booked this summer was to take Alexa Hope to Disney World. She went when she was 18 months old, but we knew she would enjoy it much more now. How disheartening when we had to cancel due to my chemo schedule and the uncertainty of my treatments. To be able to surprise her with this trip will be magical. We can’t wait to see her face when she finds out she is going to Disney World and her Mimi, Pop, Aunt Hol, Ry-Ry and Layton will be there too!!
We thought we would give her her very own pair of glass slippers for her magical time at Walt Disney World.


  1. This is Awesome! Kelsey, I love the big smile on your face. I am so happy for you all.
    Have a fantastic time :)
    Judy Voth

  2. Have an awesome, blessed time. Such fine people that put this together for you all. Enjoy!!!!!! Sharl and Doug Taylor

  3. Wahoo!! I'll be praying that your pain will be minimal so you can enjoy the time with your sweet ones. SO awesome that your extended fam is going so they can lend a helping hand in those moments you're not feeling up to it. Give yourself grace mamma The fighting of cancer and your body may not be able to keep up the way you want but don't beat yourself up about it or let yourself slip into pity party mode. And even if you find yourself there at times, grace grace grace! Love you friend!!

  4. meant 'the fighting of cancer is hard work and your body may not be able to keep up…'etc. ;) Have only had 1 cup of coffee this AM so brain not working properly yet ;)

  5. Prayed lots for you and can't wait to hear the report!