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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Two down, three to go

It is Tuesday evening. I've taken a hot shower, and I'm in bed after another surprisingly full day at MDA. Along with two rounds of stereotactic radiation (one to my T2 and L2), I have fit in blood work, an appointment with Dr. Benjamin (which went very well), my first experience with acupuncture and started the application process for angel flight (in the hopes we can fly to Houston on our next visit in December).

So far the stereotactic radiation has gone well. I've managed to stay still despite different appendages falling asleep, and the physicists (who don't seem to think my jokes are as funny as I do) say everything looks good. I also have to let those of you who have asked know that I have been able to listen to music during these treatments. I get to pick my Pandora station. The first day, the first song was, "Deep Enough to Dream," by Chris Rice followed by the hymn  "Be Still My Soul," and then the praise song, "How Deep the Father's Love for Us." Quite apropos, if you ask me! As my mom said, the Lord never misses an opportunity to show Himself to us, no matter where we are.

My pain level, however, has been on an entirely different level than usual. I am praying, praying, praying the radiation will quiet the pain and muscle stiffness that has had me in tears several times the past two days. I am also praying it is the cancer they are killing that's the culprit and nothing new. I can't seem to find a position that is comfortable - be it standing, sitting or lying down. I feel so tight, and something as small as a cough can cause spasms. It's been a bit troublesome to say the least (which is why I'm going to bed so early thanks to analgesic cream & narcotics). I figure if I'm asleep, I don't notice the pain.

And that's what I've been doing in the downtime - sleeping. Seems like Alexa is catching the trend and sleeping too. Here we are napping together after my 1st round of radiation, courtesy of an Ativan pill (a form of Valium) which unfortunately took effect after the treatment. The Ativan was for me, of course, not Alexa. She was just conked out due to a full day of playing with her best buddy, Pop.

- Tomorrow marks the beginning of three rounds of treatment to my lower left hip/pelvis. Dr. Brown has never performed this type of radiation to this area of the body due to the potential risks and side effects. I guess you could say I'm a part of new research at MDA. Pray for God's hand to guide every calculation, every angle and every high-powered beam of radiation for optimal results.
- Pray for a successful procedure leading to cancer's death.
- Pray for minimal to no side effects. Radiating this part of the  body poses more serious threats - bowel obstruction, chronic diarrhea, bone damage leading to fracture, an immobilized joint, infertility, etc . . . The main side effect I've had thus far has been nausea, so these are obviously more disconcerting to me.
- For the continual pain in hip/pelvis and especially lower back to cease and for us to figure out how to control it until then.
- My bone-strengthening shot has been approved (hooray!). I will be scheduled to get it sometime this week and every four weeks from here on out. I have no idea of side effects yet. Pray this won't interact with the radiation.
- I tried acupuncture today. Not for sure I feel better or worse but I am scheduled for another round Friday. We'll see.
- Please lift up new friends, Amanda & Greg. We made an instant connection putting a puzzle together in the radiation waiting room. We shared our hearts and hopes which seemed to line right up with our big God. While I was being treated, Greg came over and prayed with Chris and vice-versa. We hope to see them again the rest  of the week during treatment time. Ty Lord for continued divine encounters!


  1. Kelsey & Chris
    We are lifting up each prayer request. Praying right now for pain relief & a good night's rest for all of you. Love Sharon

  2. So uplifted to hear God opening doors for you in GOOD directions. 'Will pray, pray, pray through this week, as always. Keep hanging in there, Kelsey. I'm so proud of you. Much love from Sherry Cherland

  3. I continue to check your posts and to pray. Your faith moves my heart amd has helped keep my heart soft!
    I wanted to ask, just in case, if you've ever considerd using any essential oil therapy. Idk if MDA would "approve" but I have been using frankensince on my husbands tumor site as well as a mix of pure aloe, emu and lavender oil on the rad site (right elbow). We have had remarkable results. Dr. H.K. lin has done research on frankensince targeting tumor cells and he stands behind his results of it shrinking and killing it. Idk if you have heard or want to hear, but I felt compelled to share. I know that when my hubby was diagnosed I prayed that we could find any and every thing that would help and heal.
    Blessings Sister

  4. Dear Kelsey and Kennedys: Glad you have come this far. Praying, Praying, Praying..... Love you, Sharl and Doug Taylor

  5. Happy birthday Kelsey. Praying for you.
    Candi Hale

  6. My friend Barry Musser is a former student, an elder at my church, and someone who received radiation treatments for his cancer at MDA in Houston. For one year he was not able to eat anything by mouth. This morning in our worship service, his "cardboard testimony" was "I am cancer free."

    Here's a link if you don't know what a cardboard testimony is

    Love and continued prayers,

    Gene Chase (Kelly's father-in-law)