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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our Big God

The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.
—Psalm 126:3

Not that we ever had any question about God being big, but He certainly answered our prayers in a big way today. As I type this message I am looking at Kelsey resting in her bed in her "suite" at the hospital. Sadly, I did not think to take a picture before surgery of what her fingers looked like when she tried to extend her hand, but it is amazing to look at her hand and see her fingers completely extended as her arm is resting on a pillow.

I know many of you have been following progress on Facebook, so I apologize for any duplicated information. Dr. Lin was very pleased with how the surgery went. As expected, her ulnar nerve was enveloped by the tumor (this controls function and feeling for her ring finger and pinky) and had to be removed. We are unsure of whether her ulnar artery was also taken, we will ask Dr. Lin tomorrow. Her finger flexor tendons for her ring finger and pinky also had to be removed. He was able to use the muscles which would normally be used for her pinky and ring finger and do a tendon transfer to her thumb so that she will have greater strength. Since the tumor was lying on her median nerve, he stripped away a bit of her nerve. He was not certain if she would need a skin graft, so he left the closing of the wound process up to Dr. Sharaf (the plastic surgeon).
Dr. Sharaf came and spoke with us. Even though skin was removed, because the tumor had grown, the skin had been stretched so there was no need for a skin graft. She has a drain in her arm which he will continue to monitor, but he was very pleased with how the incision came back together.

I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.
—Psalm 16:8

This was one of the verses Kelsey read this morning in her devotional, Jesus Calling. She thought it was so fitting to actually visualize the Lord at her right hand before and during the surgery. Kelsey was thankful for the promise she could cling to - with the Lord by her side, she would not be shaken. Kelsey shared that she felt a supernatural calm and confidence as she came in to surgery. Confidence that God was in control of the situation and that either way, whether she woke up with, or without feeling in her arm, the tumor would be gone. She had prayed last night that God's will would be done today, something that has been very difficult for her to do over the last several months. What amazing grace that He chose to pour out His peace and confidence on her this morning!

There are so many praises today:

- The peace and confidence that God gave to Kelsey.
- The guidance that God gave to both Dr. Lin and Dr. Sharaf.
- Kelsey's arm and possibly 3 fingers were spared.
- The edema (swelling) that surrounded the tumor in her arm did not contain cancer.
- The tumor was fully removed.
- Her median nerve was spared.
- Her radial artery was in great shape and is providing good blood flow to her hand.
- No skin graft was needed.
- We are already able to see some finger functionality - she is even able to move her ring finger a bit (extending it out and even flexing it some).
- Kelsey has had great care - wonderful staff before, during and after surgery.
Some prayers:
- Pray for a speedy and infection-free recovery.
- Pray for pain management - she is in a lot of pain from the loss of her ulnar nerve.
- Pray for quick re-learning on her brain's part to know how to adjust to the re-routed function of the tendon to her thumb.
- Pray that the median nerve continues to function, even though it was stripped a bit and that she will have full functionality and feeling in her middle finger.
- Pray for good rest for Kelsey. She is hooked up to a machine that warns when she is not breathing enough and when she relaxes is starts to beep.
- Pray that the cancer is fully removed from her arm and that there is no recurrence.
- Pray for wisdom in the coming days to know what the best step is to take with ongoing treatment.

We can't thank our army of prayer warriors enough for the faithful petitions you sent to the Father. Not only throughout this day, but also throughout this season. Kelsey is certain the peace she experienced last night and today had to do with your prayers. :-) Thank you!

A few of Kelsey's "bright spots":


Note Alexa’s art. She wanted to draw our family – this is a lot of the crew: Daddy, Mama, Alexa, Opa, Ama, Pop, Mark, Holly, Rylen and Layton.



  1. Such great news! Praying for recovery!

  2. Praise God ~ and continued prayers for a speedy uneventful recovery! In heart and prayers and (((HUGS))) from McAlester

  3. Dearest Kelsey and Kennedys: Praise God!!!!! He is indeed a BIG GOD and has you all protected in His Arms. What a joy for you that this came out as it has. Thank you so much for the information so quickly. You have been in our thoughts and prayers so very much especially yesterday. Will continue the prayers for a speedy recovery for Kelsey and a hope that all the cancer has been eradicated. Blessings to you all. Sharl and Doug Taylor

  4. As I read this update this chorus I sang as a child came to mind...We have a GREAT BIG wonderful God, we have a GREAT BIG wonderful God. One that's loving us, one that's above us a GREAT BIG wonderful God.

  5. Whoop, holler & yippee!! Praising our BIG God with you and praying you'll have wisdom in knowing how to proceed, as well as that you'll be able to get good rest despite the beep-y machine!