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Sunday, December 23, 2012

He Did It!!


Hello blogging world! Sorry for the month-long hiatus. Let’s just say life has been . . . colorful lately. More on that later but what we want to celebrate today is Daddy’s finale to three & half years of graduate school. His girls couldn’t be more proud. I mean, seriously, we’re bursting at the seams proud of this guy!! I get a little teary just thinking about this long anticipated milestone. There were days I never thought this moment would come, and I’m positive when Chris was studying at one o’clock in the morning, he felt the same way.

But, with a little bit of elbow grease, a lot of determination & an outpouring of God’s grace . . . it did happen!! After three & half years, forty-eight credit hours and 26 classes, Chris completed his Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Oklahoma. Mommy & Alexa can’t wait to have Daddy all to ourselves. Sorry we’re a bit stingy at the moment. After all, only three of his twenty-six classes were during the day.

Chris plans to walk in the spring when everything is a little less hectic. However, Alexa & I decided to have a mini-celebration in his honor along with a host of Chris’ family & friends who sent him congratulatory texts & emails the day he finished (Thursday, December 13). We made a sign to tape on our garage door so all of our neighbors could celebrate with us (it got a bit wrinkled from a rainstorm). We actually had a neighbor think he was in the NBA. We also devoured a big cookie cake. I suppose this was also a treat for Mommy too – wink, wink.

We’re soooooooo proud of you honey!! You balanced family, work, school and your walk with God so well the last three years. I look forward to see how God will use your giftings, your mind and your degree for His glory. One thing I know with great confidence – “The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy!” Psalm 126:3


A big squeeze hug for our hero!!


  1. yay! congratulations!

    Loved your card, you looked gorgeous! You should be getting ours today too, or maybe Wednesday. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Ty friend! Can't wait to check yours out. I needed that compliment. Feeling every bit of 34 yrs old these days!!